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Successful Remote Work Through Asynchronous Management

Marketing Podcast with Liam Martin

Liam Martin, a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing PodcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Liam Martin. He is the co-founder of Time Doctor and has been working remotely for over 20 years; working with thousands of companies looking to adopt a remote working model. Liam is incredibly passionate about understanding how organizations can unlock remote work to help achieve more autonomy for business owners and employees.

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His newest book Running Remote: Master the Lessons from the World’s Most Successful Remote-Work Pioneers, is a Wall Street Journal Bestseller that teaches success secrets from original remote work pioneers on the mindset and strategies they have used and developed to build and grow successful remote organizations.


Key Takeaway:

Asynchronous management is a crucial approach for effectively managing remote workers. Remote companies that prioritize asynchronous management operate without constant real-time communication, focusing on outcomes rather than micromanagement. This approach requires a shift in mindset, empowering employees to make decisions on their own and providing them with the same information as top-level executives. It also enables efficient scaling, reduces excessive video communication, and allows employees to concentrate on execution and problem-solving.

Questions I ask Liam Martin:

  • [01:42] You introduce the term asynchronous management as a mindset in the book, can you explain it?
  • [05:08] Aren’t we still in a window where remote workers have to learn how to work remotely as well as remote managers?
  • [08:34] Are there cons to working remotely? How do you keep some feeling of being in the office alive?
  • [10:28] Is there a framework for effective internal communication that really benefits from working remotely?
  • [12:54] How do you equip people to make better decisions on their own?
  • [15:42] Do you think there’s any credence to the idea that remote work disadvantages junior employees?
  • [17:01] What does this asynchronous platform look like from a tangible aspect?
  • [18:53] How do you keep aspects of an old but cherished culture alive when a lot of the ways that people did that go away?
  • [20:33] Where do people that haven’t done remote work before, generally get it wrong?
  • [22:46] Talking about unmanagement as a new leadership style. Is this something that will need to be taught and built into leadership training?

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