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jueves, septiembre 28, 2023
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Originality Does Not Exist on This Planet | by Karen Menezes


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During the initial phase, it’s all exciting. You have such new topics. But, then later you keep going back to the same old ones. It’s because after a point in time, you run out of ideas and have nothing more to write about.

In a scientific research, it was discovered that the human brain tends to capture bits and pieces of audio and visual memories. Everything heard and seen in our entire lifetime.

Each time you stress your brains on thinking something new, you connect to your past. You make connections to letters, words, sounds, shapes. Maybe even objects and visions that are distantly related to what you want to achieve.

The Wright brothers invented the airplane. But, the idea came from observing birds flying. If I may ask, shouldn’t all the birds in the sky be credited for the airplane discovery?

The birds should take a bow!

Moreover, American Novelist and freelance journalist, Chuck Palahniu rightly said, “Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.”

Point taken, Mr. Palahniu.

Can’t 5 people have similar thoughts at the same time? It could be possible. It’s such a tricky situation because you could be accused of ‘plagiarism’, when actually you haven’t.

You think of a subject and then after researching the web, you realize a lot many writers have already expressed their views on the same thing.

Urrghh! What the heck! I am sure even those people would not have been the brainchild behind it.

The thoughts may not be mine. I may not be the creator of the original idea. In fact, I don’t even know who first created and conceptualized it. All I know is that I researched and added my flavor to it through my writing style and opinions and experiences.

Like my manager says, “It’s about putting old wine in a new packaged bottle.” I’m trying to stick to her mantra as much as possible. And it does work for me.

There’s a reason why — Reading is food for the soul — especially for a writer. The more you see and read, the more you develop your writing skills, your way of expressing and communicating.

Before joining, I had no knowledge about insurance writing. Even today I may not be a subject-matter expert. But, I am proud of the fact that I can write a decent insurance article. Something that is informative, interesting, and easy-to-read.

One thing I have always ensured is penning down words in the layman’s language. Text-editing and proofreading tools like Hemingway App and Grammarly assist in simplifying my content.

Be it a businessman or a college-going student, everyone should be able to understand what I’m trying to say. After all, insurance is for everyone.

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