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Market Turns Bullish as DigiToads Presale Scores Over $4.7M Raised, on Track to Surpass Pepe’s Success

Recent bullish moves in the crypto world have poured a new lease of life into the industry. After all, the bear run has lasted long enough: investors are ready for rockets and new gains for their portfolios. The season of success started when PEPE surged 21,000% in just a few days, gains that haven’t been seen in the crypto arena for some time. But PEPE isn’t the only success story, DigiToads (TOADS) looks set to surpass these gains and hold onto them for the long term as it surges past $4.7 million in sales in just a few weeks. A figure that will keep going up before launch and potentially go stratospheric after that. TOADS has everything needed for memecoin success over the next bull run, outpacing other memecoin superstars like PEPE and SHIB by a wide margin. Here’s why it’s the perfect option for your portoflio and the best cryptocurrency on the market right now:

DigiToads (TOADS)

The best thing about TOADS’ potential is that it marries memecoin popularity with actual utility and solid fundamentals. While many other memecoins get by on just social media fanfare alone, TOADS has that popularity potential alongside real use cases and a rewarding long-term experience throughout its journey.

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Price action is huge for TOADS in its early presale journey as it surges past $4.7 million in sales. But unlike many other memecoins, price speculation isn’t the only way to gain with TOADS, as it offers a fully-comprehensive experience that other altcoins can’t match. With the P2E memecoin swamp arena, you can enjoy using your TOADS companions to battle it out, have fun, and win rewards every season. Unbeatable profits and unmatched fun, all with the TOADS ecosystem.

And it’s an ecosystem that gives back to society and its users. Thanks to a 2% sales tax, charitable donations will regularly be made to help replant rainforest trees and more. When many other crypto projects have been criticized for their impact on the planet, TOADS helps rather than harms. Further tax funds will go towards marketing, rewards pools, liquidity pooling, and more, ensuring the platform is built for growth from the ground up.

Early TOADS gains continue to gain pace, and there’s still time left to grab TOADS tokens easily on the official website for only $0.036 per token. This price will rise automatically to $0.055 on the official launch day, making instant profits for those who got in early. Don’t miss your chance to jump on a rocket that’s heading towards the defi token moon.

Pepe (PEPE)

PEPE made the best crypto moves the market had seen for some time when it surged a few weeks back, launching the start of a new memecoin season. However, these gains have stagnated somewhat since. That’s because PEPE doesn’t really offer much in the way of utility and long-term potential. Price speculation can only get you so far. That’s why some PEPE investors are moving over into TOADS, as they see more upside with the best new memecoin ever to enter the crypto world.

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PEPE could still surge again, but why take the risk? TOADS is already surging, and its momentum isn’t slowing down in the slightest. Its presale success highlights that early investors of TOADS have full confidence in the project and with 3 stages still to come, there’s still time for new investors to get involved and make gains. If you want early discounts, long-term growth, and fun along the way, join the TOADS presale as soon as you can.

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