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Introducing Technical Health Monitoring Services

Protect Your Investment with Seer’s Technical Health Monitoring Services

So often we hear clients who have recently migrated their website or invested in technical site fixes, say that the work is done and technical SEO is no longer needed. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Migrations aren’t cheap; a significant amount of time and resources go into launching your new site. Why wouldn’t you want to protect your investment long term from major issues?

Think of it as investing in technical website insurance, just as you would insurance for your business or home. SEO and Technical SEO are a long game, and Seer’s new Technical Health Monitoring services help you protect your website investment to avoid major issues down the line that could end up costing you thousands. 

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Our Health Monitoring Services Can Save our Clients up to 120 Hours per Year

Right now, we’re tracking:

  • 220,000+ URLs per day, and counting
  • Uncovering an average of 4+ critical issues per month per client
  • Saving our clients up to 120+ hours per year in development time
  • Saving potentially thousands of dollars in more substantial site fixes down the line

Health Monitoring Services in Action: 24% of Organic Traffic Saved

Our client, in the building products space, saw all of their SEO Title Tags removed or changed due to a bug in the release schedule, impacting 24% of all organic traffic on the website. 

[TIP] Seer’s monitoring services saved our client 24% of their organic traffic 

Seer’s health monitoring immediately alerted to the issue, and we let the client know that same day. In less than 1 hour, the client reverted back to the optimized SEO Title Tags. The fix prevented larger indexation, traffic, and conversion drops had the issue not been caught early on.

Technical Website Insurance at a Glance

Your website should be your greatest sales tool. Health monitoring and implementing fixes regularly will allow your website to continue optimum site visibility and performance for your audience, leading to traffic, conversions and revenue for your business. 

After your website launches (which our team can also help you with), Seer’s Technical SEO team will set up custom dashboards and consult on your website’s health. These dashboards will crawl your site and regularly track metrics including: 

  • Crawl stats
  • URL status
  • Indexability
  • Core web vitals 
  • Server errors
  • Alert to major issues tied to your most trafficked pages 


An overview of what you can expect: 

  • Seer will build custom dashboards that display website crawl data from multiple sourced, regularly scheduled reports. This will allow us to monitor your technical site health and easily visualize crawl data
  • The goal of these dashboards are to visualize crawl trends and detect any anomalies within the data. This will allow us to easily monitor overall website health as it relates to technical SEO issues
  • Seer provides ongoing consulting and critical issues lists with recommendations to fix, prioritized along with your current internal initiatives to get ahead of any major issues
  • Protects your website investment, so your team can remain focused on priority projects internally

Leave the Technical Health Monitoring to Us

Keep your team focused internally, and protect your website investment to save your business potentially thousands in fixes down the line. Let’s get to work.


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