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viernes, septiembre 29, 2023
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FIAT celebrates the World Meeting on Human Fraternity “Not Alone” with the film “Open Doors” to sustain the messages of openness and inclusion


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FIAT is supporting the World Meeting on Human Fraternity “Not Alone”, a major international event organized by the Vatican Foundation “Fratelli Tutti” taking place in St. Peter’s Square in Rome on June 10th.

On this occasion, FIAT has developed a special film to send a message of openness and inclusion towards other cultures-the same values shared as a global brand. “Open Doors”, a tribute to human brotherhood, features the Fiat 600e, which opens its doors to people during the first stops on its global tour. In fact, His Holiness Pope Francis in the Encyclical ‘Fratelli Tutti’ wants to promote fraternity and social unity, in order to relaunch a new anthropological paradigm on which to reconstruct choices and lifestyles, programs and worldviews, in the knowledge that fraternity has something positive to offer to freedom and equality.

«FIAT deeply believes in the vision, values, and goals promoted by the Encyclical. With the film “Open Doors” FIAT resumes the most inspiring and meaningful words of the Holy Father to give voice and further spread this message of openness and fraternity. Supporting the Foundation “Fratelli Tutti” for the World Meeting on Human Fraternity “Not Alone” is our concrete act to further promote the respect for different cultures and a relevant mission for FIAT as a global brand” – declared Olivier Francois, FIAT Chief Executive Officer and Global Chief Marketing Officer at Stellantis. – “Acting together is the key to building hope and the ultimate meaning of His Holiness Pope Francis’ message to plant seeds that grow within the consciences and in the concrete actions of all communities and civil society. Furthermore, we are proud to support the event by securing a sustainable transportation thanks to a zero-emission fleet. That’s part of our vision to create a better future”.

In the short film “Open Doors” we see the Fiat 600e, travelling through different cities around the world – from Hiroshima to Buenos Aires, Accra, and Jerusalem – and symbolically opening its doors to welcome people from different countries and cultures, before arriving in St. Peter’s Square to take part in the World Meeting of Human Fraternity “Not Alone”. The film is narrated by a young girl who speaks about the project by using the most meaningful and empowering words of the Holy Father.

The FIAT fleet of electric vehicles – including the Fiat 500e, the Fiat E-Doblò and the Fiat E-Ulysse – ensures “green” mobility and sustainable transportation at the Meeting, testifying to FIAT’s commitment to the values of ecology and sustainability in consistency to the messages promoted by the Encyclical “Laudato Sì”.


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